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How to launch your own TV channel on Amazon Fire TV and Roku in just 7 days, without any technical knowledge.

When leading brands want to expand their digital presence, they turn to this revolutionary solution...

Connect your business with two of the world's largest TV networks.

With an audience of over 440 million, our high-quality system offers an excellent opportunity for expansion and increasing your brand awareness.

Who in your professional or personal network can claim to run their own television channel? Distinguish yourself with a privilege reserved for a select few, and gain a unique advantage that secures competitive benefits for you.

Revolutionize your brand with your own TV channel – no technical knowledge required

"Launch your own TV channel on Amazon Fire TV and Roku and captivate millions, effortlessly"

The challenge: For many brands, the vision of presenting their unique content to a global audience remains just a dream. High entry barriers, technical complexities, and the daunting costs of traditional TV advertising have made this powerful marketing channel unreachable for most.

The breakthrough: Imagine every barrier between you and your own TV channel being removed. Our advanced cloud platform is just that breakthrough. Designed for simplicity, it empowers you to launch and manage your TV channel on Amazon Fire TV and Roku, making your brand present in millions of households worldwide.

Why us? Unlike anything else on the market, our platform combines simplicity with power. With years of experience in cloud-based broadcasting, we've refined a solution that not only meets the strict standards of Amazon and Roku but does so in a way that's completely seamless for our users.

Transformative benefits:

Effortless global reach: Extend your brand's reach to over 440 million viewers worldwide, including a dedicated following in the DACH region.

Unmatched flexibility: From professional studio content to raw smartphone videos – communicate and broadcast your message in your way.

Direct viewer engagement: Utilize the power of direct interaction with QR codes to guide viewers directly to your website, products, or online services.

Dynamic content capacity: With the ability to host up to 1000 videos and launch new channels annually, our platform grows with you.

Customer success stories: Join the brands that have experienced explosive growth and engagement by showcasing their content on TV. "Our brand has never been so vibrant and engaging. This platform has opened doors we didn't know existed," shares an enthusiastic brand manager about their results.

Exclusive offer: Dive into the world of TV channel ownership today and you'll receive:

Comprehensive broadcasting toolkit: From design to deployment – we've got everything covered.

Access to a vast content library: Delve into a treasure trove of over 20 million Creative Commons and Public Domain contents.

Dedicated support: Our experts are on standby to ensure your channel shines.

Quick-Action Bonus: Expand your reach quickly with the option to unlock up to 10 TV channels.

This is not just a service; it's your ticket to the top of digital broadcasting, at a fraction of traditional costs.

Guarantee: With our platform, satisfaction is just the beginning. Not thrilled? We're committed to making it right.

Act now: The digital landscape is evolving. Establish your brand today in the exciting world of TV broadcasting and be where your audience is.

Next step: Are you ready to elevate your brand with the power of your own TV channel? Click below and start your journey to become a broadcasting pioneer.

P.S. If you hesitate, you're giving your competitors the advantage. Secure your place in the broadcasting future now – your audience is waiting.

Are you ready to present your business to 440 million viewers? The TV Channel Expansion Program allows you to connect with two of the world's largest TV networks – Roku and Amazon Fire TV! Now, you can showcase your own TV channel at a price that EVERYONE can afford.


Connected TV, also known as Online TV, opens up the world of television via the internet. This includes Smart TVs, smart devices, phones, and tablets – a new era of television that overshadows traditional cable TV. The potential is huge, and you can now benefit from it!


Thanks to our partnership with Amazon Fire TV and Roku, you can present yourself to a massive audience. Together, these giants reach over 440 million active monthly viewers! Roku and Amazon hold an impressive 80% of the Connected TV market. Each viewer watches an average of 50 hours per month – an incredible reach for your business.


Manuel Zuri, founder and CEO of DFBO, reports an overwhelming experience: "What we saw at DFBO was overwhelming! Then we had an idea! What happened next changes lives and is very FAST!"

Manuel Zuri, owner of a SaaS and marketing firm, shares his knowledge and enables people of all ages and skills to run their own TV channel and reach a worldwide audience.


The "State of the Streaming TV Industry Report" by Conviva shows impressive growth in global TV streaming. Roku remains the market leader with a stable share of 40%, while Amazon Fire TV impresses with about 500% growth.


Two TV channel platforms: Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

Complete setup, care, and long-term management of the TV channel.

Zero work for you or your staff – we take care of everything.

Present yourself alongside giants like Tagesschau, RTL, CNN, FOX, DISNEY, and strengthen your branding. Increase your prestige and reach new heights in your industry.


Sports, events, and shows

Businesses of all kinds

News organizations

Music and festivals

Schools, universities, and educators

Hobbyists and enthusiasts

Travel and tourism

Entertainment in the form of plays, events, and music


Your business will not only achieve massive reach but also impress larger partners and interact faster in partnerships and cooperations. With our support for marketing your content and business themes, you are on the fast track.


Leverage advertising deals, land worldwide partnerships, and reach an even larger audience with your bilingual or international channel. Your image and branding will be significantly elevated, and your business will be catapulted into the top league of your industry.


Your content can be presented worldwide on Amazon Fire TV and Roku alongside the industry's giants. We even offer the opportunity to boost your channel through targeted advertising campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn, TikTok, Google, and Facebook – starting from a budget of 30 euros per day!


Never before has it been so easy, affordable, and direct to reach such a large number of people. Connected TV users are highly engaged, and with our revolutionary system, your path to success is easier than ever before. Never again worry about traffic or pay for it.


No film crew, no expensive studio, and no presenters required unless you want them. Even use your Facebook and YouTube videos, provided you own the full rights. Whether you want to showcase your products, objects, or just your personality – it's entirely up to you. Create simple videos or opt for high-quality productions, the choice is yours.


You have the freedom to design your content as you wish – whether high-quality and polished or authentic and raw. Simple videos are enough.


If you don't have your own videos or content, you can rely on our extensive list. This includes resources from more than 20 million content articles in the Creative Commons and Public Domain, which you can easily use for your channel. Securing high-quality content for your TV channel has never been easier.


It's really that simple. The videos are then made available on demand in your channel and accessible to your viewers at any time. No stress, no technical challenges – we take care of it while you can focus on what's essential: Your business.

Seize this opportunity now!

Your success starts here – DFBO makes it possible!

Our services include:

Comprehensive management of your TV channel on Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

Access to our cloud infrastructure for the complete setup of your channel, designing channel images and thumbnails, creating an engaging channel description including Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We ensure that your channel is deployed on Amazon Fire TV and Roku, giving you potential access to an audience of 440 million viewers. We handle all the necessary requirements and regulations from Amazon and Roku to ensure that your channel remains in top condition.

Our comprehensive support includes the long-term maintenance of your TV channel through our cloud solution.

We are at your service to scale your business through Connected TV. Become a magnet on television. Boost your brand awareness, increase your reach, and maximize your revenues.

We offer you comprehensive consulting and tailored concept development for your own TV channel on Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV.

Our expert group consists of experienced professionals with many years of experience and profound know-how in the field of TV and marketing. We also develop a personalized marketing plan to ensure that your channel not only launches successfully but remains successful in the long term.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the TV sector and our specialized expertise in the Amazon Fire TV and Roku TV area, you can rely on us to provide you with the best possible support.

We look forward to a successful collaboration with you!

Your own, never-ending traffic source with over 500 MILLION+ consumers - and growing - from 2 of the world's largest streaming platforms.

Generate continuous income WITHOUT selling yourself - you simply flip a switch and earn hands-free profits from advertisers you find.

Effortlessly build TARGETED lists in any niche - lists you can market to whenever you want.

Sell MORE of your products and services to a hungry, UNTAPPED market.


Paid traffic & advertising

Social media marketing

Heavy constant content creation

Time-wasting SEO

Coding & development

Struggling for audience

ATTENTION: You will never have to do this again:

Paying huge sums for advertising, wasting hours on forum posts or struggling with SEO.

Trying to figure out how to monetize your traffic and content.

Begging affiliates and partners to promote your content, or cozying up to so-called "influencers".

Building and 'optimizing' dozens of websites, funnels, opt-in pages, and lead magnets.

Wasting time learning complicated skills, INSTEAD of simply making money.

Investing even more money in overpriced tools & coaching in the hope of making a few sales.

Spending hours competing for EXPENSIVE attention in overcrowded social networks.

3 Simple Steps to Partner with DFBO:

Step 1: Begin now with our program.

We will contact you within 24 hours and launch your TV channel.

Step 2: Create and manage your TV channel in a few, very simple step-by-step instructions.

Create, design, and manage your TV channel on Amazon Fire TV & Roku through our high-quality cloud solution.

Step 3: Your rocket is ignited.

Your message on TV, delivered to a hungry TV audience, or you can choose from various content library resources, 20 million assets of CC (Creative Commons) Content & Public Domain Content.

Your channel launches and operates for you 24/7, accessible to your target audience.

Regarding DFBO Global:

DFBO is an innovative startup that has been actively present in the market since 2021. The company's main goal is to provide services that are distinguished by their uniqueness and advancement from the standard services in the DACH region. Internationally, DFBO also strives for excellence.

Manuel Zuri, an entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in industries such as finance and music, is the founder of DFBO. He utilizes the creativity he brings from the music industry to drive his business forward. In an era where creativity is becoming increasingly important in times of AI software, DFBO stands out through innovation.

The company's vision is to develop and establish advanced systems to support businesses of all sizes, both in the DACH region and internationally.

The DFBO leadership team consists of Manuel Zuri and two silent partners who make strategic decisions in the background. Additionally, the company benefits from a network of over 10,000 referral partners, a growing sales team, and more than 200 freelancers and independent contractors ready on call - an internal fulfillment network.

The social media presence is impressive with over 30,000 followers on platforms like LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, and TikTok.

Furthermore, when necessary, more than 25 experts from various industries and business fields become active for DFBO, and the company fully embraces remote working, enabling flexibility and rapid expansion.

As a marketing expert, Manuel Zuri has intensively studied the sector for years. Today, he receives over 250 emails daily from the marketing industry in the DACH region and internationally. This gives him a comprehensive overview of current trends and activities.

DFBO specializes in providing top-quality services and products for premium clients. Educational elements, such as Zoom calls or online video lessons, are integrated into the products as needed to help customers succeed.

DFBO International stands for excellence and the pursuit of continuous improvement. Become part of this success story and start your journey with DFBO Global.

We have truly explosive strategies, methods, and systems that could work for you automatically. We bring next-level marketing systems into your business structure.

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